The History of the BTA

From Idea to today’s success: How the BTA came to be

The British Tae-Kwon-Do Association was joint started by Grand Master Tony Quigley and Grand Master Fred Lee, now both honorary 10th Degree Blackbelts, awarded for being the founders of the association.

Grandmaster Tony Quigley started the study of Tae-Kwon-Do ni 1964 whilst serving in the R.A.F. whilst stationed in Korea. After dedicated training Grandmaster Quigley returned back to Britain as the very first person to do so with a Tae-Kwon-Do Black belt, he started teaching in 1967 in clubs around the Doncaster area.

Under Grandmaster Tony’s guidance the British Tae-Kwon-Do Association went from strength to strength. The British Tae-Kwon-Do Association has produced many superb Blackbelts, with many achieving the Master level and a few achieving the rare level of Grand Master.

Indeed many of the top Masters and Grand Masters that head many of the other Tae-Kwon-Do associations and groups within the U.K. can trace their roots directly back to Grand Master Tony Quigley.

Grand Master Tony Quigley has dedicated over 50 years to the pursuit of excellence within Taekwondo in the United Kingdom and has been awarded his 10th Dan along with co-founder Grandmaster Dr Fred Lee by the BTA and which is recognised by the U.K.K.W.A & I.T.C.

The Universal Karate Kickboxing Worldwide Association (All Styles) was founded by President Grandmaster Mark Trent Honorary President B.T.A the U.K.K.W.A. aIl styles is a ‘not for profit multi style organisation’ whose aim is to provide support, communication and friendship between martial arts clubs, associations, organisations and martial artists, to promote, safe, professional activities and advertise events, seminars and profile the excellent work done by all Members/Grandmasters/Sokes and Founders. TheU.K.K.W.A works very closely with the B.T.A

All British Tae-Kwon-Do Association Black belt grading’s are presided over by Grandmaster Tony Quigley’s Student Grand Master Roy Kilner (President, chief examiner) along with Grand Master Mark J. R. Trent (Vice- president), Grandmaster Wayne Darlington (Chairman), Grandmaster Roland Alderton (Vice-chairman) & Senior Master Stuart Usher (Chief Instructor).

The B.T.A aims to bring its members together in a friendly non-political way. In addition to the executive committee the B.T.A invites its members to nominate a member(usually the chief instructors) to sit on the committee in order to have a voice and to get the latest information directly.